Verdi’s Aida at the Arena di Verona

March 1st, 2022
‘Also admirable is the Aida by the American soprano Angela Meade, with a seductive legate and a very musical adherence to the word, in an elegant balance between lyricism and drama.’ – le salon musical – cesare Galla
“The performance on July 1st shone thanks to a cast in many ways amazing led by soprano Angela Meade in the title role, which can be considered the best Veronese Aida heard in the last thirty years. She is gifted with a truly exceptional instrument, there are few in the world to whom nature gives such a generous gift. Making comparisons does not always bear good fruit, but spontaneously recalls the words of Toscanini from the voice of Renata Tebaldi quoted in the book by Giuseppe Valdengo Cantai con Toscanini: “A heavenly voice, one of those that penetrate the soul, , shining. When Tebaldi sings, everything clears up as if the sun appeared, and you can smell the scent of spring “We have quoted these words not to compare Meade’s voice to Tebaldi’s, but only to describe the sensations that arise when listening to the voice of the famous soprano of our days. Incomparable beauty of the timbre and, then, softness and sweetness, homogeneity and brightness, and still not enough. She pronounces clear, the line of the song flawless, remarkable expressiveness. Angela Meade takes us to heaven and we are very grateful to her. She also manages to create a very believable character, without any melodramatic overtones. The final monologue of the first act, such as the Nile romance could serve as a singing manual.” – L’ape musicale – Irina Sorokina