Verdi’s Stiffelio with Asociacion Bilbaina de Amigos de la Opera

January 30th, 2017

“Lina, Stiffelio’s adulterous wife, was Angela Meade. The American soprano has a broad and beautiful voice, with a sharp crystalline and powerful bass without having to resort, like so many sopranos and mezzos, to the voice of the chest in that lower register. She thrilled the audience in her beautiful scene of the second act, and was impeccable throughout the entire play.”

Mundo Classico, Jesús Aguado

“The top vocal honors fall to Lina, Angela Meade, with absolute sufficiency in all situations, sumptuous timbre…with so scrupulous phrasing, plus impeccable technical facility which allows a sharp attack on pianissimo with astonishing neatness.”

El cronista errant, Xavier Cester