Rossini’s Ermione with Theatre des Champs-Elysees and Opéra de Lyon

January 14th, 2017

“In the title role, the American Angela Meade, impresses from end to end… The extent of her registers, the extreme variety of her singing, capable of the most violent impulses as well as the most intimate sounds, culminate in the great scene of the second act, the true climax of the score. The viewer is literally nailed to his seat, watching for the smallest metronomic variations.”

Classique News, Jean-François Lattarico

“in a brilliant scarlet dress American soprano Angela Meade, for the title role of Hermione, acclaimed late in the evening. From her first interventions, her vocal technique impresses. She keeps the public in suspense until the end of her moving “Di ‘che vedesti piangere” in Act II, widely applauded and saluted by the public … and the orchestra! Her vocal virtuosity, without any gratuitous demonstration but in the service of the vocalità – the voice as transmitter of the emotion, has hypnotized its listeners.”

Olyrix, Emmanuel Deroeux

“Composed for Isabella Colbran, Hermione supports the main role and shifts the pivot of the action usually held by Andromaque. The range of the role requires a dramatic soprano of agility, which Angela Meade personifies with audacity: the voice is ample, generous and powerful, as the American singer sings unsuspected pianissimi sounds in front of such a raw material, and has a vengeful aura in both acts, which will leave Andromaque a lot of room.”

ResMusica, Alain Attyasse