Verdi Requiem in New York Philharmonic Debut

January 5th, 2015

“Shaking the Rafters With the Thundering Chords of a Monumental Requiem”
“…In the concluding Libera me, Ms. Meade’s voice soared commandingly over the orchestra and chorus — an operatic feat, undoubtedly, and a magnificent one.”

The New York Times, Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim (January 2015)


“The star soloist in the piece is the soprano and Meade was wonderful. She soared over the orchestra and chorus in the concluding ‘Libera me’ showing off how enormous her vocal resources really are, while earlier in the evening, in the ‘Recordare,’ she modulated her voice so that it blossomed and was totally alluring.”

BWW Opera World, Richard Sasanow (January 2015)


“Angela Meade made her Philharmonic debut with the Requiem, but she is well-known here in concert and opera. Verdi kept her under wraps for most of the Requiem, but he knew theater as well as any dramatist, First with the Agnus Dei and then with the final Libera Me, he put the anguish behind him and gave an angelic high-ranged Libera Me, where Ms. Meade soared to the heavens.”

ConcertoNet, Harry Rolnick (January 2015)