Puccini’s Edgar in concert at Frankfurt Opera (Fidelia)

November 12th, 2014

In Frankfurt it was a festival of voices which was celebrated by the audience at the end with standing ovations. The soprano Angela Meade (Fidelia) demonstrated subtly tinted, restrained passion onstage.” — Frankfurter Rundschau, Hans-Klaus Jungheinrich (February 2014)

Angela Meade (Fidelia) seemed to be in her element. She offered vocal showpieces ennobled by poetic elegance, marveled with a distinctive soprano timbre and with flexible, emotionally charged accents. She also combined both naive and dramatic gestures in her splendid shaping of the role. … This unusually substantial evening of opera may well go down in the annals of the house.  — Der Neue Merker, Gerhard Hoffmann (February 2014)

“The soprano Angela Meade caused the highlights of the concert. Her unwavering commitment to Edgar in the final act developed an irresistible suggestiveness and created a cosmos of love amid an atmosphere of hatred.” — Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung, Benedikt Stegemann (February 2014)

“Angela Meade presented a stunning a performance. (…) Puccini has written three great arias for Fidelia. Meade sang it with great devotion and knew how to portion her energy well. She also has an extremely powerful, persistent voice, which she added an expressive intimacy to even in the most dramatic passages.” — Kurturfreak, Markus Gründig (February 2014)

“The American soprano Angela Meade demonstrated the most impressive gentle moments of the concert, foreshadowing wisely in her arias the precise characterizations in Puccini’s later works.” — Allegemeine Zeitung Mainz, Axel Zibulski (February 2014)

“…Angela Meade as Fidelia sings powerfully yet shows sensitive and girlish textures…” — Frankfurter Neue Presse, Andreas Bomba (February 2014)